From Nigeria to Afghanistan — A Perspective on Agricultural Transformation in Africa

4 min readAug 18, 2023

By: Bolaji Akinboro, co-founder at ToroNet

Embarking on a mission to revolutionize agriculture in Africa, an undeniable crossroads presented itself before me. I had seen such great transformation through my altruistic achievements in Nigeria, Liberia, Afghanistan, and Togo illuminated the vast possibilities that lay ahead. However, the realization dawned upon me that to truly transcend our existing eWallet system, we must embrace a technology that is nothing short of groundbreaking — blockchain. We see boundless potential in blockchain innovation and are bringing that to light with ToroNet. With it, we can reshape the very fabric of Africa’s agricultural landscape.

Overcoming Market Inefficiencies

One of the major hurdles in African agriculture is the asymmetry of information and imperfect markets. Millions of smallholder farmers cultivate their land, yet struggle to find consistent and accessible markets for their products. Similarly, commodity buyers face difficulties in locating reliable suppliers. This inefficiency hampers the continent’s potential to feed itself while its own produce goes to waste. ToroNet’s blockchain-based solution tackles this problem head-on by providing a marketplace capability that brings transparency, fairness, and accessibility to the agricultural trade.

Empowering Agriculture Stakeholders

At ToroNet, we are dedicated to empowering every individual and community that has been marginalized by the limitations of modern infrastructure. We understand the challenges faced by farmers, community produce aggregators, agro-dealers, financial institutions, insurers, governments, and development partners. With the power of blockchain, we aim to address their needs and foster a significant improvement in their overall well-being.

Access to Liquidity and Financial Services

For any market to thrive, liquidity is crucial. In the agricultural sector, access to credit and financial services is vital for sustainability. However, traditional financial institutions, governments, and development partners face challenges in injecting liquidity into agricultural markets due to identity management issues, contract enforcement complexities, and the lack of last-mile financial services. ToroNet’s blockchain system, integrated with smart contracts and digital payments, offers a transformative solution. It enables participants to hold smart contracts for sales, loans, production, storage, transport, insurance, and more, ensuring access to liquidity and driving financial inclusion for all stakeholders.

Simplifying Market Entry for Investors

Agriculture has often been perceived as physical, risky, and resistant to digitization. This perception hinders potential investors from participating in the sector and reaping financial and social impact returns. ToroNet breaks down these barriers by providing a simplified framework that leverages the blockchain’s transparency, integrity, and immutability. By creating an organized ecosystem, ToroNet incentivizes various elements of the agricultural value chain and ensures resources are available to farmers on time. This shift not only de-risks the sector but also attracts investments from private citizens, governments, development partners, and financial institutions, fostering sustainable growth.

Transparency and Trust

Trust is the bedrock of any successful venture, especially in agriculture. ToroNet and blockchain technology go hand in hand, providing a transparent and accountable system for all participants. The blockchain’s immutability ensures that every transaction is recorded and cannot be tampered with, instilling confidence in remote actors within the system. Whether it’s farmers, aggregators, insurers, or commodity buyers, ToroNet’s blockchain solution guarantees transparency, trust, and integrity throughout the agricultural value chain.

As I reflect on my journey and the immense potential of ToroNet’s blockchain-powered solutions, I am filled with excitement for the future of African agriculture. We have the opportunity to unlock a vault of wealth within African agricultural markets, making it accessible worldwide. ToroNet’s mission is not just to bridge the gap created by inadequate infrastructure but also to create tangible and transformative impacts on individuals and communities. Together, with blockchain technology, we can revolutionize agriculture and build a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Join us on this remarkable journey and be a part of the agricultural transformation Africa deserves.

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